Research activites

Jing-Ming’s research interests lie in Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance, Behavioural Finance, Asset Pricing, Investment, Derivatives Markets, Applied Financial Econometrics, and Earnings Management.
His research looks into corporate finance and corporate governance issues, factors resulting in abnormal returns and special phenomena and trading in stock or derivatives markets. Additional areas of research include the modeling for stocks and options, the application of Bayesian inference and Monte Carlo simulation, investors’ trading behaviour, and issues in earnings management and dividend payout policy.



"Mutual Funds, Tunneling and Firm Performance: Evidence from China", Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, 2019, in press (with A. Chizema, W. Jiang and X. Song)  

"Regional Institutions, Financial Analysts and Stock Price Informativeness", Regional Studies, 2018, 52 (9): 1261-1270 (With R. Ding, W. Hou, and E. Lee).


“Board Governance, Efficiency and Risk-taking in Chinese Banking”, The British Accounting Review, 2017, 49 (2): 211-229 (with Y. Dong and C. Girardone).


"Arbitrage Opportunities and Feedback Trading in Emissions and Energy Markets", Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 36: 130-147, 2015 (With F. Chau and Y. Shi).


“A pricing kernel approach to valuing options on interest rate futures”, European Journal of Finance, 21: 93-110, 2015 (with X. Liu and J. Coakley).


“The Real and Accrual-based Earnings Management Behaviors: Evidence from the Split Share Structure Reform in China”, International Journal of Accounting, 49: 101-136, 2014 (with L. Ning and X. Song).


“International Investors' Reactions to Cross-border Acquisitions by Emerging Market Multinationals”, International Business Review, 23: 811-823, 2014 (with L. Ning, R. Strange and B. Wang).


“What drives the disappearing dividends phenomenon?”, Journal of Banking and Finance, 37(9), pp. 3499-3514, 2013 (with D. Philip and Q. Zhang).


“Fund Ownership and Stock Price Informativeness of Chinese Listed Firms, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, 23(3): 166-185, 2013 (with Rong Ding, Wenxuan Hou, and Edward Lee).


“The impact of state ownership on share price informativeness: the case of the split share structure reform in China”, British Accounting Review, 44(4) 248-261, 2012 (with W. Hou and E. Lee).


“The school’s out effect: A new seasonal anomaly”, British Accounting Review, 44(3): 133-143, 2012 (with J. Coakley and A. Wood).


“The Lunar Moon Festival and the dark side of the moon”, Applied Financial Economics, 20(20), pp.1565-1575, 2010 (with J. Coakley and A. Wood).

Working Papers:

"Does liquidity drive stock market returns? A double take and the role of investor risk aversion" (with T. Choudry, Q. Zhang, X. Liu)

Awarded External Research Grants:


The irrational M&As decisions, £31,800, with L.Fu (2019)

New Perspectives on the Performance of Chinese IPOs, £58,000, with Z. Shen (2015)


Merger and acquisitions in China, £33,000, with L. Fu (2012).


Corporate governance, £65,000 (£35,000), with Y. H. Yeh (2012).



Awarded Internal Research Grants:


Sotck information and corporate governance, £10,800, Southampton Business School, Faculty of Business and Law (2014).


FDI and corporate governance, £2,000, Durham University Business School (2012).


Liquidity in the stock markets, £700, Durham University Business School (2011).



Journal and Book Refereeing:


Journal of Banking and Finance;

Journal of International Money and Finance;

European Financial Management;

British Journal of Management;

European Journal of Finance;

British Accounting Review;

International Review of Financial Analysis;

International Business Review;

Multinational Finance Journal;

Finance Research Letters;

Journal of Accounting in Emerging Economies;

Journal of Multinational Financial Management;

Applied Financial Economics;

Applied Economics;

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade;

Journal of General Management;

Economics Bulletin;

Journal of Socio-Economics;

Bulletin of Economic Research;

International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance;

International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance (IJBAAF);

Pearson Education Publishers;

Midwest Finance Association.



Membership of Learned Societies:


American Finance Association;

Financial Management Association;

European Finance Association;

European Financial Management Association;

Midwest Finance Association;

Academy of International Business.



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